Change4Harrow – helping to make a difference in Harrow

Change4Harrow is an exciting new campaign group set-up byCampaign residents wanting to make a positive difference in Harrow. 

“I live and work in Harrow so I know a lot about the area. I feel I can relate to some things we speak about as it also affects me as a resident. Being part of Change4Harrow gives me that assurance that I’m campaigning for positive change for the area I live in”. (Hemal)

The group initially formed following the completion of our Campaign Training Course in March 2021. A number of course participants decided they wanted to continue to meet to discuss how to use their skills to help Harrow communities. 

“The group has a clear focus on supporting individuals and organisations who need support to bring forward their concerns and in doing so make their lives better.” (Tracey)

In addition to trying to help Harrow communities, Change4Harrow also connects its members to each other and can help provide wider support. 

“I feel really grateful to be involved in the groupthe benefits are being involved in what is happening in Harrow and also networking with the group and seeing how we can support each other and those from the wider community” (Mubeen)

“The benefits of the group are to share and exchange of knowledge, skill and wisdom as well as supporting each other in campaigns” (Amrita)

Change4Harrow is always looking for new members. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact [email protected]

Voluntary Action Harrow’s campaign support service can also help you if you are campaigning. Find out more about this service.

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