Explaining VCS Infrastructure In Harrow

Local infrastructure organisations work behind the scenes to ensure that local voluntary & community sector groups and organisations get the support they need.

They help the local VCS in a variety of ways:

  • Identifying and filling the gaps
  • Raising standards and practice
  • Enabling communication and collaboration
  • Providing a voice for the local VCS
  • Promoting strategic involvement

For a summary description of voluntary & community sector infrastructure in Harrow, please click here.

Harrow’s infrastructure organisations with explanation and membership information:

Harrow Giving
Harrow Giving funds, supports and empowers a range of diverse local projects to make a positive difference in the lives of Harrow residents. This is done by collecting donations from residents, local employees, businesses, and philanthropists and providing volunteering opportunities. Harrow Giving allows local residents and businesses to give local causes, fundraise for local community groups and get involved in their local community.
Membership: Not Applicable
Legal Status: Harrow Giving is a trading name of Harrow Together.
Website: https://harrowgiving.org.uk/

Harrow Together (HaT)
Established in 2014, Harrow Together (Formally know as Harrow Community Action) is a consortium working to strengthen the voluntary and community sector by providing an opportunity for Harrow organisations to work in partnership to secure larger contracts.
Membership: Membership is open to Harrow VCS Organisations. To see a list of current members click here. To see details of membership and join Harrow Together, click here.
Legal Status: Registered Charity & Company Limited by Guarantee 
Website: www.harrowtogether.org.uk

Harrow Voluntary & Community Sector Forum (Harrow VCS Forum)
Established in 2015, Harrow VCS Forum brings together local groups, organisations, community workers and partners to identify local issues of mutual interest and need, and work collaboratively to find solutions. Its mission is to bring together local voluntary and community groups to present an effective voice for Harrow’s non profit, non governmental sector in order to improve the quality of life for people and their communities.
Membership: Membership is open to all voluntary and community groups based or working in Harrow, including local branches of national or regional organisations. To see a list of current members click here. To see details of membership and join the Harrow VCS Forum, click here.
Legal Status: Unincorporated Association
Website: www.harrowvcsforum.org.uk

Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative (VAHCo-op)
Established in 2011, VAHCo-op is a non-profit workers co-operative who work with the voluntary and community sector providing information, training and guidance to help them achieve their objectives.
Membership: In a worker co-operative the members are the workers!
Legal Status: Company Limited By Guarantee
Website: www.vah.org.uk

Young Harrow Foundation (YHF)
Established in 2015, YHF is a charity in Harrow that is there to support all youth work organisations working with young people aged 0 – 25 and up to 30 if there are additional support needs.
Membership: Membership is open to all VCS groups delivering children & young people services in Harrow. To see a list of current members click here. To see details of membership and join Young Harrow, click here.
Legal Status: Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Please be aware this is not exhaustive list and does not include all the forums and networks in Harrow.