Greener Events Check List

Any events are an opportunity for attendees to see your environmental good practice in action.

This sample event checklist may be useful:

  • Have a named person responsible at the event itself for ensuring that heating and lighting are being used efficiently.
  • Ensure recycling/waste facilities are readily available and clearly labelled as to what should and should not be placed in them.
  • Avoid disposable ware and cutlery if any catering provided.
  • Avoid supply of bottled water at any catered events and provide jugs of tap water instead.
  • Source organic and fair-trade products e.g. coffee, sugar and wines.
  • If providing catering, see if you can find a local organic low packaging caterer. One of our clients did this and it led to two successful small local businesses being set up by a staff member’s mother!
  • Only provide meat-free catering at catered events. (Livestock production is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions – 6 times more than aviation!)
  • If you do have to have fish on the menu, ensure that it is MSC certified, as being from a sustainable fishery.
  • Avoid tropical or imported fruit juices, which often have a disastrous imported water-footprint. Consider providing fresh local fruit and water instead. It takes 1,000 litres of water to produce one litre of Orange Juice.
  • Seek to use only ultra-low energy LED stage lighting wherever possible.
  • Ask people to come using cycling and public transport by providing information to attendees on how to access venues by public transport and online cycle-routes.
  • Use e-invites rather than paper-invites.