Campaign Resources

 If you are campaigning or want to start a campaign, you may find the resources below helpful:

Campaign Toolkit

Our campaign toolkit will help you to plan, choose campaign activities and monitor and evaluate your campaign.  

The toolkit also links to numerous reputable sources that give further guidance on topics such as how to organise in numbers, how to write to your MP and how to write a press a release… 

Campaign Toolkit

Here is an additional resource to help you begin to create a strategy for your campaign:

Campaign strategy template

Freedom of Information requests

Do you want to know what information a public body holds on the issue you are campaigning about? A Freedom of Information request may give you the answers you are looking for:

What is the Freedom of Information Act?

How to make a Freedom of Information request

Freedom of Information (FOI) template

Charity Commission for England and Wales

If you are a charity and want to start political campaigning this guide by the Charity Commission may be helpful:

Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities

Campaigning and the law

Perhaps you are considering legal action as part of your campaign.  The information below may help. They are guides only. Always seek advice from qualified legal professionals if you are considering legal action of any kind. 

Using the Law for Campaigning and Social Change

Using the Law for Social Change: A Landscape Review

An introduction to Judicial Review

Planning Aid for London

Planning Aid for London is a free planning advice service for Londoners. Helping communities and people who cannot afford professional advice with planning matters.

Planning Aid for London