Stronger Communities

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  – Helen Keller

Supporting the Voluntary & Community Sector

The aim of the initiative seeks to improve health and social care outcomes for residents of
all ages. The programme will engage with the Harrow Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS)
and the Harrow Place-based Partnership (formerly The Integrated Care Partnership) to
integrate VCS services into the health and social care system and pathways.

Located in the heart of Harrow, the Harrow Place-Based Partnership is an alliance of health,
social care, local authority and VCS organisations that collaborate across the system to
improve health outcomes, tackle health inequities and deliver truly integrated care to the
citizens of Harrow.

The program is designed for:

Observe, engage and co-operate with the VCS to develop effective pathways for referrals
through the Harrow Borough Placed-Based Partnerships.

Strategic Engagement Development
“An investment-savings model for securing the financial sustainability of the system.” Engage in
the development of innovative engagement strategies to address VCS barriers to accessing
at-risk citizens.

Showcasing VCS’s ability to deliver integrated care intervention
VCS showcases its ability to provide early social care interventions using integrated working

Taking a Seat at the Table
We will invite and welcome VCS’s Communities to large consultations about social care

Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative has hired Angela Warner to the position of Stronger
Communities. Her programmatic and collaborative experience spans almost fifteen years.
She has served in the public and private sectors and her work with the government (US).
Ms Warner holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an M.P.A.
from London Metropolitan University. The depth of her experience, knowledge and
management capabilities will complement what we are doing within the VCS community.

For more information about Stronger Communities and Placed Based Partnerships please contact us on 020 8861 5894