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Social Media Gets A Voice!

Today is World Voice Day (#WVD2013 – 16/04/2013), a day to demonstrate the importance of voice in our daily life. Our voice used to be one of our main methods of communication, but now it is constantly competing with messaging, texting and tweeting. However things look as if they are about to change thanks to (drum roll, please) Dubbler.

Dubbler is a relatively new beta app on iPhone and Android which allows the user to record 60 seconds of audio and share their voice to Facebook, Twitter and the virtual community.  With the growth of social media and voice recognition software, this new social media platform looks as if it could become a serious contender to be the next viral social network.

So, why is this relevant to the not-for-profit community?  

Hopefully this new app will not only be more accessible to a wider variety of people, including the blind, but will also give more of an emphasis of personal communications.

At the heart of every charity or social enterprise is a great social concern. They are usually run by the most passionate advocates you will ever find in your life. Imagine those people voicing these causes to the outside world. Not only will it help an organisation showcase their personality, but it should also motivate consumers to take action, whether be through volunteering or donating.

Giving social media a voice will hopefully strengthen the relationship between the charitable causes, the users and the public.

Dubbler is definitely a step in a good direction, adding a further dimension to how we interact via social media.

Alex Buckmire

[email protected]

This is the Web!

Social Media

Like, Follow, Stumble…Grow?

Social Media is great! It allows us to communicate with friends and family, connects us with new people, and build upon existing relationships. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is peel our eyes away from our smartphones, laptops and tablets. Leaving us like technologically absorbed walking zombies.

Whilst Facebook and Twitter seem to have swept the world by storm, it is concerning to see that small charities and not-for-profit organisations in Harrow, are not taking part in this great resource.

Social Media allows deeper engagement with friends, fans and community, allowing a fully networked sharing experience. For example Twitter can be used as a great way to showcase upcoming events, converse on similar interests or related topics and is perfect to communicate a message to the Twittersphere. Facebook, on the other-hand, is perfect to initiate group conversations and physically show what you do through pictures.

There are so many social media channels out there social networks, blogging platforms, online forums and many more. It is vital for Nonprofits to become socially active and communicate.

The Community & Voluntary Sector can no longer hide away, charities and not-for-profits must have a social presence and GROW!

Alex Buckmire

[email protected]