Volunteer Management

Supporting strategic management in volunteers

Volunteer Managers are the heart and soul of the voluntary and community sector. Providing them with the tools and insight they need to shape and lead the future of volunteer programs, will ensure volunteers are recruited, retained and rewarded successfully.

What we offer:

  • Provide bespoke training in management of volunteers
  • Assess your organisation’s need for volunteers
  • Create volunteer role descriptions and advertise them
  • Manage the recruitment and induction process
  • Support you in reviewing your volunteers and addressing issues
  • Develop policies related to volunteering which are practical enough to use in your organisation (volunteering policy, health & safety, safeguarding, data protection, risk assessment etc)
  • Develop your volunteering strategy for long term planning
  • Measure the beneficial impact of volunteers on your organisation
  • Help you communicate the impact of your volunteers to funders and for publicity
  • Offer advice through e-mail & telephone


This is a bespoke package, which means we design it from scratch based on your needs, therefore charges depend on the amount of support required.

How to buy:

For initial enquiries call 020 8861 5894 or email [email protected].

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Groups will have improved their skills and knowledge in managing & recruiting volunteers
  • Volunteer managers will have increased their confidence in recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Improvement the quality of volunteer roles
  • Increase in the number of volunteers in your organisation
  • Improvement your volunteering policy

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