Sample Green Purchasing Policy

This basic purchasing policy would need to be adapted to cover the particular range of items your charity buys.

Charity X commits itself to drawing up a green purchasing policy that requires staff to judge all purchasing decisions on the basis of a green purchasing hierarchy:

We will firstly question whether a purchase is strictly necessary and if it is, whether the amounts required could be reduced.

Secondly we will seek to buy re-used items in preference to new items where practical.

If new items have to be purchased, we will seek to buy the most eco-friendly option practical, whether buying locally, with zero or low packaging, made from recycled, non-toxic, bio-degradable or organic materials or more energy efficient.

  • We will only buy green renewable electricity.
  • We will only buy recycled paper products.
  • We will only buy eco-friendly cleaning materials.
  • We will only buy sustainable wood and fish products with FSC (forest stewardship council or MSC (Marine stewardship council) certification.
  • We will seek to avoid purchase of over-packaged products.

Review – This green purchasing policy shall be reviewed annually upon its adoption.