The Participation & Engagement Project

Participate, facilitate and engage

This project provides support for voluntary groups and volunteers so that they can improve their skills and confidence to enable better engagement, participation and facilitation within their own group and their community.

We can work with you to develop:

  • your understanding of participation, facilitation and engagement;
  • efficient support to fellow volunteers or trustees;
  • techniques for collective and consensus decision-making;
  • effective forums, networks and meetings;
  • ways to facilitate meaningful participation and engagement;
  • ways to plan communications including social media;
  • skills to build, sustain and actively maintain working relationships;
  • a broad range of tools and methods for community development;
  • improved quality and impact of networking, information exchange and communicating.

Get involved:

This development programme is for voluntary groups who would like to improve their skills in community engagement, participation and facilitation. If you’re interested in being involved please fill out this form.

Find out more:

Contact us on 020 8861 5894 or email [email protected].

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