How to be a winner! – Nadja’s Story

When it comes to voluntary work, I’ve always liked combining helping with my passions. So when I heard about the Women’s Run in October 2015, it was clear to me that I had to participate. Not only would it be a great opportunity to challenge myself, but it could also help young girls all around the world to receive an education.

The CRAFT Women’s Run is part of a campaign called “Because I am a girl” and is run by the organization Plan International. This campaign supports millions of women all around the world in getting the education, skill and help they need to move from poverty to a future of education and therefore opportunity.   Although education is considered to be a key human right, at least 1 in 5 girls around the world is denied their right to education due to their circumstances. Various factors like forced marriage, economic insecurity or the burden of domestic work keeps young girls from attending school. Therefore, they miss out on gaining the knowledge they need to achieve independence and security on their own. The Women’s Run makes up an important part of the operation, part of the registration fee goes toward the campaign. However, this is not the only reason why this run is considered to be an important fragment in supporting girls’ rights to education.

Not only does the run contribute to the development of the organization by generating donations, it also draws attention to the problem itself and makes people aware of this defect in our society. The Women’s Run is held in each big city of Germany and contestants can either walk or run a trail of five or ten kilometres. In Munich, my home city, the run takes place in the Olympic Park and offers a great opportunity to enjoy a jog on one of the most beautiful trails in Munich. In total, almost five thousand women of all ages moved their feet in favour of Women’s rights to education and justice.

Being amongst these women made me feel proud and strong and the overall atmosphere and energy that was created during the run was simply incredible. The sheer enjoyment of running in combination with the ultimate goal to make an actual change in someone else’s life definitely created a unique feeling that made the whole event become one of my favourite memories. I really did feel like a champion crossing the finishing line, because not only had I successfully completed the run without stopping, but I also felt like being a part of something greater and contributing to the world becoming a better place.

The overall experience was so addictive that I instantly registered for another run the same year. Only this time, I was running for women fighting breast cancer. I can absolutely recommend participating in events like these, and for anyone who might be scared about not being able to complete the run as fast as others – don’t worry! Participating in a run like this makes everyone a winner, no matter the actual position.

Nadja Seeberg

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